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Explore Beczak with Captain Bob! 

A website exclusive video featuring a key member the Beczak and Science Barge communities, along with a stunning background!

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Our History

Since 1988, the Beczak Environmental Education Center has been making waves in the Yonkers community! It is the only environmental center in Westchester County with its own beach right on the edge of the Hudson river. This safe waterfront area is an ideal spot for hands on learning for all ages! 


From the beginning, the Center has been keeping things current with educational programs that bring thousands of school children to study the river and its rich marine life up close. We have offered after-school clubs, high school internships, and plenty of opportunities for community members beyond school! For example, we've worked hard to bring evening and weekend programs of lectures and workshops across the field of conservation.  

The center also runs a number of community events and environmentally oriented neighborhood and river clean-up projects. (Check out our Upcoming Events and 

Climate Resilience sections)


In recent years, much of the youth education and research has provided on site through a partnership with the Sarah Lawrence Center for the Urban River at Beczak.

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